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Red Lake, the Pope, and the Drifting Queen by Drew Hamre
"We throw nuggets of history at these stories, without leaving a dent, and politicians drape banners over the deathbeds, but not everyone salutes. The impermanent passes, while spring rains bring new life to the northern marsh ..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on April 25, 2005]
Charles Lindbergh: 'The Best American-Style Hero We Are Apt Ever to Produce'
"On a beautiful September afternoon in 1973, Charles Lindbergh visited Minnesota for the dedication of his childhood home in Little Falls. The aviator, peace activist, Pulitzer-winning writer, heart-lung pioneer, conservationist, and dedicated feminist would be dead within a year ..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on September 17, 2017]
War and Mis-Remembrance: Chilcot Is Spun
"So here we have Britain’s final word on the Iraq war, the 2.6-million word Chilcot report boiled down to a few hundred words from the NY Times, and then buried beneath 900-words of misdirection from Eli Lake, one of the most neocon-friendly reporters in the run-up to the Iraq war. What could possibly go wrong?..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on July 8, 2016]
That story about fake news and Russia? Pretty thin gruel
"Basically, if a site met PropOrNot's hazy criteria of publishing stories useful to Russia, then the site could be listed as warranting investigation by the FBI under the Espionage Act. Yikes...."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on December 10, 2016]
When Journalists Died and We Were the Attackers
"People were still trapped in the RTS wreckage when Western leaders began defending the NATO raid as an attack on a propaganda outlet. Tony Blair insisted the attack was 'entirely justified,' later citing a concern that RTS footage of NATO victims might undermine support for the bombing."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on January 26, 2015]
Pirates and Pop-Stars (The Recording Industry Oversteps)
"This is a story of pirates and pop stars, of Beltway intrigue and an industry we shouldn’t love, but probably do. It’s also the story of a Brainerd mother of four fined $222,000 for sharing 24 songs ... If the penalties strike you as outlandish, you’re not alone."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on October 6, 2012]
Thomas Friedman and the Glass House Problem
"It's tempting to make excuses for Thomas Friedman. After all, his old high school is just down the street, he writes with verve, and he is the reigning king-of-all-media for foreign affairs ..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on October 22, 2005]
Seven Questions for Senator Coleman about Oil for Food
"You're investigating the central humanitarian effort in a political conflict that claimed 500,000 children's lives, and yet your subcommittee does not mention these deaths. It averts its eyes, and interrogates accountants, and mumbles financial bromides, and smiles, smiles, smiles for C-SPAN ..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on October 22, 2004]
Ahmed Chalabi: Ah, to be the Breath of Iraq's Liberation
"The US flies you to Manhattan, and you take Iraq's seat at the U.N. the very night President Bush pleads to the Assembly, echoing Warren Zevon's great song of plans gone awry: 'Send lawyers, guns and money. It has hit the fan.' And you aren't surprised to learn that Zevon died that night with a smirk on his lips, because that is the way the world works. And you are Ahmed Chalabi."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune October 4, 2003]
I Shall Be Your Humble Servant, Conrad Black
"Call me a sellout, but the lush life beckons. Sir Conrad Black, I am available. You’ll be pleased to learn, sir, that this pundit is officially for rent ..."  More  
[Satire written in late 2003]
Operation Texas Freedom
"I know this is a divisive time for our country. Many of my fellow conservatives doubt the wisdom of acting now. To them I say: we will finally bring Kinky Friedman and Molly Ivins to justice! To my liberal colleagues I say: we will end the menace of “Walker, Texas Ranger”, forever! ..."  More  
[Satire written in the weeks following the 2003 invasion.]
I Know Where the Weapons Are, Mr. Blix
"I know where the weapons are, Mr. Blix, and I know who's protecting them. Point your convoy of white Nissan four-wheelers due north, toward Eastern Europe and the old Soviet empire. Here, the threat is more immediate and consequential than anything known of Iraq ..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on December 14, 2002]
In Hunt for Scandal, the Media Ignore Sanctions
"Thrilling to see Maureen Dowd leap like a ninja (that recent Pulitzer didn't slow her down at all!) and defend the Washington Post as it roasts a congressman in the name of "investigative journalism". But what's that awful smell coming from the kitchens of the Post and New York Times? ..."  More  
[Published in the Minneapolis StarTribune on July 21, 2001]

f e a t u r e d   d o c u m e n t s
UNcovered: In 1996,
Madeleine Albright told CBS that containing Iraq was worth the death of 500,000 Iraqi children.
For background and a video clip, click here.
UNcovered: In 1999,
UNICEF estimated an excess 500,000 Iraqi children had died since sanctions began.
Epidemiological data and the report are here.
UNcovered: In 2001, the UN mistakenly released - then censored - details on U.S. holds against billions in Iraqi imports. The uncensored spread-sheet is available here.

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